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If you don't know why Hook2Cook is designing this perch pouch, it's to solve the following as a perch angler:

1. Keeps you on the spot. Catch your fish and bleed them out without having to move up the beach away from the spot and put each fish away- saving you time and keeping you in the pocket.

2. No getting spines like a mesh bag would.

3. Comfortably carry your catch on you waist instead of your shoulder. The waist is the most efficient load bearing area on our bodies.

4. Will not drag on the ground like a game clip. 

5. convenient ruler allows you to measure up to 18" in case you catch a striped bass. The overall length is a little over 22" in case you catch a Halibut.

We are currently working on the 3rd test version of this product and are excited to announce we are aiming for a release of the product in spring 2023.

This is a product I've always wanted for myself and others. I hope you like it when you get yours. My aim is to keep it under $40 or the price of 2 jerkbaits ;)
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